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Nan Guo Yan Yue Restaurant
With a typical Southern China style, it focuses on a variety of exquisite Cantonese dishes.
Dong Fang Hall
With an elegant and classical environment, it is a perfect place for small and medium sized high-class banquets.
VIP Dining Rooms
Named after the famous tunes of Cantonese folk music, you may gain a real insight into the Southern China commercial culture and get blessed while dining in a VIP Dining Room.
Jiang Nan Si Zhu Restaurant
A romantic dining places for Southern and Northern China flavours.
Macao Street Restaurant
Opened in 2000, the Macao Street Restaurant inherits Macao style, creates a series of specialties combining Portuguese and Chinese styles and leads a trend towards integration of East and West, enjoying the fame of “Using both forks, knives and chopsticks,
Cooking with both butter and bean
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