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What is more delightful than spring is delicious food! | Monthly recommendation

2018-04-03 Recommended by chef of Dongfang To awaken your taste buds.... Detail>>

To appreciate flowers and food is an invaluable pleasure.

2018-03-28 At the beginning of the lively spring Dongfang Hotel recommends to you The Family Set Meal.... Detail>>

March 24| Join Dongfang Hotel and Switch on Your 60+ Life

2018-03-24 The theme for Earth Hour 2018 in China is “To switch on our 60+ life.” ....Detail>>

Delicious seafood|Limited supply of Boston lobsters

2018-03-21 The Boston lobster is not only tender, juicy and delicate, but also has rich protein and low fat. ....Detail>>

Stew Flavor | Enjoy the Rich Delicacy

2018-03-16 "Stew" is a unique Chinese cooking style.The food and sauces are braised in a....Detail>>

A Bite of the Delicacy | Chef’s Recommendations for April

2018-03-12 Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel invites you to take a bite of the delicacy....Detail>>

Brand New Upgrade | Embrace 2018 with a Brand New Look

2018-03-09 Dong Fang Hotel will be upgraded in 2018 to welcome you in a brand new look....Detail>>

Looking for life | English Afternoon Tea

2018-03-09 We often see artists of all times, whose oil paintings about afternoon tea are filled with European style. ...Detail>>

Congrats to Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel on Winning the 2018 “Huixiaoer Cup” Most Popular Convention Hotel Prize

2018-03-05 Eat yuanxiao during the happy Spring Festival reunion.Spring Festival has gone, but the happy ...Detail>>

The Sweet Lantern Festival | Love in Dong Fang

2018-03-01 Eat yuanxiao during the happy Spring Festival reunion.Spring Festival has gone, but the happy ...Detail>>

Lion & Dragon Dance | A Good Start at Dong Fang Hotel!

2018-02-16 The Year of the Dog opens up with fortune, good luck and prosperity ...Detail>>

Seek the taste in Dong Fang Hotel|The International Celebrity Tourist’s Happy Journey in the Flower City

2018-02-15 On February 14, the event of “Enjoy a Happy Journey in the Flower City - Guangzhou” officially kicked off at ...Detail>>

Wine Party Celebrating the Success of the China Tryout of World’s Top Cooking Competition Bocuse d’Or Held in Dong Fang Hotel

2018-02-11 The China tryout of the world’s top cuisine competition Bocuse d’Or co-hosted by Lingnan Group Holdings Company and French...Detail>>

Dong Fang Hotel | Great Discounts to Offer in This Spring

2018-02-06 ABC Hall (wedding banquet),Wedding banquet: from 4,388 yuan/table (during non-weekend days) ...Detail>>

New Year Pot Dish, Taste the Happiness! | Lingnan Zhenpin

2018-02-02 People like eating pot dish during the New Year and the festivals, which gives a sense of happiness and...Detail>>

Superb Spring Festival Gift | Dong Fang Spring Festival Gift Pack

2018-01-31 Dong Fang Hotel sincerely presents the Spring Festival gift packs...Detail>>

Brighten your Spring Festival with Delicious Food | Extra Value Family Meal

2018-01-30 The Spring Festival is coming!Yanyue Restaurant is presenting.....Detail>>

Specials to Celebrate Your Love

2018-01-25 From 14 February to 2 March, Yanyuegong will prepare a special set meal to ten couples to celebrate their love.....Detail>>

Tables d’hote in Celebration of the Spring Festival

2018-01-25 The Table of Fortune 2,488 RMB, for ten persons The Table of Health 3,488 RMB, for ten persons ....Detail>>

The soups that warm your stomach and heart | Soups of the Week

2018-01-12 Soups of the Week are presented by Dong Fang Hotel.Love in each soup,Warms your stomach, and your heart....Detail>>

We Graduated! | Lingnan Group Senior Manager Training Course Successfully Completed

2018-01-15 To implement the human resources management concept featuring corporate values plus career planning, and accelerate establishing the managerial...Detail>>

Learning Makes Progress|Lingnan Group Senior Manager Training Course

2018-01-15 On the morning of Nov. 21, the 2017 Lingnan Hotel Line Senior Manager Training Course opened at ...Detail>>

Record Happiness on New Year’s Day | Café More New Year’s Day Promotion

2017-12-29 The Australian beef ribs, with appropriately fat and lean meat, have a strong beef flavor ...Detail>>

You Deserve an Exquisite Life | Chinese Afternoon Tea

2017-12-22 Speaking about afternoon tea, you may think of the western style, Like macarons, mini cakes, tiramisu and the British black tea ...Detail>>

“Childhood Flavor” for Cantonese People | King of Kings Fall-Winter Promotion

2017-12-15 When the autumn wind blows, it’s time to eat cured meat and sausages. ...Detail>>

Christmas Hot Pot丨Café More Buffet

2017-12-08NO°/52 Monday, December 25, 2017 To make you the happiest person. ...Detail>>

Feel Christmas Vibe丨Happy Hour with Christmas Drinks

2017-11-25See you this Christmas, at Dong Fang Hotel Christmas Party. Our special drinks are waiting for you! ...Detail>>

Sincere Dong Fang Hotel丨Warm Love — The 2018 Heartfelt Special Offer for You

2017-11-25What is love? Love is living a simple life,Love is trust; love means no suspicion ...Detail>>

Record life with tastes丨Monthly recommendation

2017-11-17Recommend the monthly dish, and record your life with delicious food ...Detail>>

A Taste of Life丨Soup of the week

2017-11-10Winter comes with cold and dry wind,The perfect choices are winter melon and job’s tears ...Detail>>

Hairy Crabs in Autumn丨Golden Delicacy

2017-11-03What kind of lake crab can be called “Da Zha Xie”? The answer is that only the female crab weighing more than ...Detail>>

Time with Friends丨Happy Hour

2017-10-25Better to talk with friends than keep it all inside. ...Detail>>

56 Years In GuangZhou

2017-10-1156 Years In GuangZhou ...Detail>>

Dongfang Wedding Just for You

2017-10-25Life is like making a long movie, maybe the preparation ...Detail>>

Mid-Autumn Festival | Ode to the Moon

2017-07-24In every mid-autumn, we hope to enjoy a pleasant moon night. ...Detail>>

Sino-western Afternoon Tea Promotions

2017-05-27Extensive options. Sweet refreshments. Oriental and occidental flavors. ...Detail>>

Mother’s Day Gifts | Yummy Abalone Combo

2017-05-05As your mother’s precious, do you often miss her? Have you ever skipped your Mama’s prepared dishes when ...Detail>>

JUST FOR YOU | Summer Wedding Specials

2017-04-27Dong Fang Hotel offers our guests an exceptional experience of wedding party. We provide customized...Detail>>

Dragon Boat Festival Gifts | Zongzi Promotion

2017-04-26These zongzi are crafted in a traditional Chinese style. They are made of select ingredients. They taste smooth ...Detail>>

Today’s Date | Sweet Taste

2017-04-18Sunny afternoon, perhaps you have a little bit of burnout. Please allow me to wake you, with a sweet, mellow white ...Detail>>

Spring is in the air | Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel celebrate Spring Fair

2017-04-17his year's spring fair, Dong Fang Hotel achieved a good start, in April 14th and April 15th, room revenue and each...Detail>>

Dong Fang Hotel’ Glory | Times of“ Gold Key”

2017-04-14Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel Mr.Chen Jingyao won the honor of "Golden key Award"...Detail>>

The 121st Canton Fair in 2017 | Your Exclusive Privileges

2017-04-11he 121st session of the Canton Fair will be opened in April 15, 2017. Spend your business time with...Detail>>

Creative Easter | "trick" plan for Easterr

2017-04-07Fluffy bunnies, Multifarious menus, lovely candies and a variety of food, April 16th Cafe more restaurant will be...Detail>>

Earth Hour | Let’s Create a ‘Blue’ Future Together

2017-03-24【The first activity: “Green Live, The Beauty Dong Fang-Photography Contest”】 lParticipate in the invitation: parents and children ...Detail>>

Romantic March| Wedding ceremony

2017-03-21March is the most romantic month in a year. Would you like to have a romantic wedding with someone you love in the beautiful spring? Every day from now on, define each other in the name ...Detail>>

Congratulations on Dong Fang Hotel Winning the Important Award Conferred by Expedia

2017-03-14Expedia is the largest online tourism company in the world, which accounts for one third of the online tourism ...Detail>>

Worship Ancestors on Qingming Festival, The Offering of Roast Piglet Brings Happiness | Happiness The Promotion of Offering Package is only ¥688.

2017-03-14The ceaseless drizzles drip all the dismal day, worshiping ancestors stirs the younger generations all the way ...Detail>>

Bonus Exclusively for Women on March 8th |Time-Limited Sales Promotion

2017-03-07Each and every female should be cared on this exclusive day for women on March 8th . And there is no exception ...Detail>>

What’s for Today’s Meal?| Delicious Buffet Wakes Up Your Taste Buds in Spring

2017-03-02Coffee More Buffet Restaurant has launched International Delicacy Buffet. The dishes here, delicious, healthy and nutritious, are cooked with heart ...Detail>>

A Month for Beauty | Bauhinia Flowers Are in Full Bloom & Let’s Enjoy Them

2017-03-02 Flowers are in blossom with the advent of spring. In addition, sceneries are being unrolled before your ...Detail>>

Cantonese Style Morning Tea | Wake Up Your Taste Buds

2017-02-27Cantonese style morning tea in Dong Fang Hotel offers unlimited delicacies: pastry, shao-mai, the traditional dim ...Detail>>

Women’s Day On March 8|Promotion Is the Way We Celebrate It

2017-02-27With the advent of spring, shall we slow down the fast paces, change to beautiful dresses, put on light ...Detail>>

Savory Food Is Unstoppable | The Grand Seafood Is Coming

2017-02-22The sea world is colorful and rich in marine products, such as tender oysters, lobsters, Japanese scallops and ...Detail>>

Dong Fang Hotel Is the Best Place to Hold Extraordinary Meetings

2017-02-22 Professional services for holding meetings, comfortable environment for high-efficient business life, and delicious ...Detail>>

Pleasant Surprise | Buffet Meals Offer 40% Discount

2017-02-17The fresh seafood here tastes tender which can satisfy the guests the moment they bite it. The Japanese food...Detail>>

Fried Delicacies | Enjoy the Food with Great Relish

2017-02-17Yan Yue Gong Restaurant in Dong Fang Hotel offers guests delicacies from foreign countries at lunch and ...Detail>>

Escape from Busy Work | Enjoy Your Happy Hour!

2017-02-17Do you want to release your whole day’s pressure? Do you want to enjoy the cold bear with your friends? ...Detail>>

2016 Dongfang Hotel Christmas Light-Up

2016-12-10On December 9, 2016 Christmas Light-Up Ceremony was held at the Main Hall of Dongfang Hotel. Mr. Zhong Yaozong, the General Manager of Dongfang Hotel, delivered an opening speech at the ceremony and lighted-up the X’mas tree with the whole management team. ...Detail>>

2016 Canton Fair Opening Ceremony

2016-10-15Canton Fair Opening Ceremony was held at the Main Hall on 15th October. ...Detail>>

lassics Inheritance | Let’s Celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Dongfang Hotel!

2016-10-11Dongfang Hotel marks the 55th Anniversary on October 11th, let’s celebrate! On behalf of the entire staff members, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you all. ...Detail>>

Chinese Diving Team Struck in Rio 2016

2016-09-22 Congratulations for the great achievements contributed by the Chinese diving team in Rio 2016.We are proud to be appointed by the crew as the exclusive hotel and provide our excellent services. ...Detail>>

Moon Cake Sold Out in Dongfang Hotel

2016-09-15Up to the 15th of September, Four Kinds of Moon Cake Gift Boxes have already sold out in Dongfang Hotel ...Detail>>

Devote to The Construction of High-end Government Reception Brand

2016-08-24The 11th BBS pan-pearl river delta regional cooperation and development and the economic and trade fair was held in Dongfang Hotel from 24th Sep to 25th Sep. ...Detail>>

60 Charging Pies for New Energy Vehicle equipped in Parking Lot

2016-08-18 Upgrading and Reconstruction Project of the underground parking lot has already completed. It provides 60 charging pies for new energy vehicle. ...Detail>>

Luling Dongfang Hotel Opening Ceremony

2016-06-01Luling Dongfang Hotel Opening Ceremony was held on 1st June ...Detail>>

Dongfang Hotel Obtained 2016 Ctrip Best Cooperative Partner

2016-07-24Recently, Dongfang Hotel was awarded 2016 Ctrip Best Cooperative Partner. We will work in close cooperation with Ctrip to provide high-quality service for our customers. ...Detail>>

Dongfang Hotel won the CFHC Distinguished Contribution Award

2016-06-30Recently , Dongfang Hotel won CFHC Distinguished Contribution Award on the 25th Anniversary Ceremony of China Famous Hotels Corporation ...Detail>>

Upgrading and Reconstruction of Outdoor Swimming Pool Dressing Room Completed

2016-04-17Outdoor heated swimming pool dressing room upgrading and reconstruction project has completed. Our distinguished guest can have a whole new experience in our newly-added steam sauna room and enjoy the service for free. ...Detail>>

WWF Earth Hour 2016

2016-03-15Dongfang Hotel actively participated in WWF Earth Hour 2016. ...Detail>>
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