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Booths in Lobby Shop for Rental
Located at the magnificent main lobby and exhibition lobby, the Lobby Shop has a constant stream of visitors and enormous business opportunities. Dealers of name-brand clothing, jewellery, high-class handiwork, exquisite calligraphy and paintings are most welcome. For more information, please visit or call the Property Management Department.
Invitation of Investment in Hospitality Related Programmes
We would now like to invite businesses to invest in programmes related to hospitality, such as high-class Japanese and Korean food, banking, nightclubs and other recreational facilities. For more information, please visit or call the Property Management Department.
For rent
Guangzhou Liuhua Road No. 120 Dong Fang Hotel rental shops in the public, From March 15, April 17 in 2017 are the lease time. The 2 floor in the building1 room 2201 and room 2202 (rental area:3241.08 square meters),room 2203(rental area :651.32 square meters), room 2204 (rental area:601 square meters square meters), appropriate business office and collection process display purposes; In addition, room 2303 to room 2305 on the 3 floor , the rental area of 3280 square meters, should be used for business. Interested parties please call 18926265932 Dong Fang Hotel Property Department.
Market for Rent
The marketplace of Dong Fang Hotel, located at No. 120, Liuhua Road, Guangzhou, is for rent. It suits business, such as garments, children’s garments, leather articles, jewelries, jade wares, tourist crafts, and On Sale market. It can be rented in part or in the whole, which covers 40 square meters to 3,000 square meters.
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